Humphrey Okposo founded Atlantic Marine & Oilfield Services Ltd. in 1994. The company is a fully operational Oilfield Services, Subsea and Dive Engineering Company.

Atlantic Marine and Oilfield Services Ltd. is a Subsea Engineering company fully equipped for Diver & ROV Intervention Jobs.

Atlantic Marine & Oilfield Services Ltd is registered with the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) in Nigeria, to operate as an oil services contracting company in the design, installation, construction and provision of customized offshore surface and sub sea engineering services to the oil industry.

The company has expanded operations offshore Ghana, for a Ghana National Petroleum Corporation Joint Venture concession with the SaltPond Offshore Producing Company.

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Case Studies
Grit blasting to SSPC 2.5 of    12no. Can legs with concentric    legs to include platform    expansive Hull, to smooth bare    metal without corrosion lags.

Atlantic Marine with aid of    DGPS and sonar imagin, to    identify metallic and non-
   metallic debris on target area    of 10km river stretch for    salvage.

Atlantic Marine divers    conducted Tandem and Calm    Bouy Trelleborg product hose    lines integrity checks for    continuity and leak.
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"The emphasis on local content has led to growth in local participation, but not necessarily participation with substance." - Humphrey Okposo, Managing Director
Subsea Engineering and Diver Intervention
ROV Delivery and Intervention
Surface Engineering
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